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an "eco friendly textiles" Marketing, Servicing & Sourcing Company, based in Lahore - Pakistan, specializing in extending professional & technical services to textile organizations from around the globe for over 15 successful years to do businesses with locally based textile manufacturers / exporters. The basic objective of services is to guide & help foreign partners to source out their requirements from right supplier(s) at right price quotes.The company's actual strength is a strong back up of its reliable team of suppliers (ranging from lower to higher class), who covers a maximum range and variety of products from cheaper end to designers class. This also increases capability to offer new products to clients for their product development requirements.Optional price structures for clients from lower to higher class suppliers, also enable them to have a good look of price variations & let them to decide , which supplier to work with. Thus FABLYNX has an intention to offer reliable services upto satisfaction of its foreign clients from Pakistan and to supply them quality oriented textiles products of their own taste and choice with a coverage of maximum variety of textiles from raw fibre to finished made-ups.


FABLYNX believe that the key to successful business relations is people and their reliability & ability to work in harmony & to tackle great projects within a limited time frame.

Company's Motive

The focus of FABLYNX's motive is to introduce new developments, new ideas & new sources on consistent bases to its esteemed clients in order to keep them updated with the latest trends & fashions to enable them to generate maximum volume of business. In this regard, FABLYNX closely work with the manufacturers & local design houses to keep developing new ideas.

Friendly Services

FABLYNX intends to provide their customers a friendly, personal & timely service in all aspects of business. The client can enjoy the business relations without experiencing any of the difficulties posed by language, culture or religion barriers etc..

Customers' Satisfaction

The timely follow-up & positive approach keep FABLYNX exclusive from others. Inline & final reports with comprehensive remarks / comments on inspected items keep clients well aware in advance before they going to receive or in other words a real picture is given to client about the product(s) he or she is going to receive. Therefore, the repeated orders from existing clients ensure customers' satisfaction with FABLYNX.

Customers' Solutions

FABLYNX intend to dedicately & professionally liase closely with clients, assessing their individual needs and then work out a custom built purchasing solution based on their respective requirements and demands. FABLYNX specialist in-depth knowledge of textiles plus sourcing from a variety of suppliers, ensures that they do have the ability to source out the qualities as per customers' requirement.

Let's see , what FABLYNX can do for you !


* Keeping clients up to date with local Textile Industry on-going trends, new developments, upcoming programs etc.

* Keeping client well informed about new supplier's & their facilities along with their new developments in fabrics/made-ups .

* Along with quality controls, keeping required shipment times secure.

* Keeping customers informed of any difficulties pertaining to their respective order's accompanied by technical solutions/alternatives immediately.

*All export documents are sent to the customers on time under supervision after checking.

* The quality controls for any sampling as well as bulk production are done consistently throughout production time till the job/program is done & ready for dispatch.

* To initiate on any query, firstly clients' requirements are carefully reviewed by FABLYNX and then these are forwarded to the most suitable selected manufacturer's along with all relevant information, who then takes time to work out all costs & analysis and then a complete feedback is passed onto the respective client for his/her working & consideration purpose that include normally optional price structures, optional qualities, minimums, compositions and lead time etc Once programs are finalized & placed, then having a thorough follow-up of the running orders & keeping customers posted with the latest updates on production.

After Sale Services

FABLYNX believe in providing after-sale services. As per company policy, a complete feedback from customers is normally obtained after every consignment upon receipt, to make sure all went well. If in case any problem arises, then the company try to find out a satisfactory and acceptable solution for both the client & respective supplier.

Fashion Textiles


Covers all yarn counts from 100% Cotton to cotton mixtures including man made fibers.

Woven Fabrics

Covers all kinds of narrow & wider widths fabrics like grey, white, dyed & printed fabrics either with normal finishing, raised, peach or special finishings and coatings etc. Any Kinds of weaves / weights / types can be supplied including :
* fabrics with weave variations like 1x1 plain , 2x1 twills , 3x1 drills , 4x1 sateen's etc.
*fabrics with fancy usage types like jacquards, dobbies, chenille & velvet and yarn dyed etc

Knitted Fabrics

Covers all kinds of hosiery grey, white, dyed , printed fabrics either with normal or special finishing , that included :
* single & double jerseys, piques, yarn dyed strippers, fleece, terry etc.
*fancy fabrics including jacquards and dobbies etc.
* panel printed T-shirts fabrics for ready to stitch t-shirts



Covers from casual to formal wears & to industrial wears , all in wovens & knits.

Home Furnishings

Covers complete range of
a) Bedlinen - Sheet Sets, Quilt Cover Sets, Bed Spreads, Comforters, Curtains etc
b) Table linen - table covers, placemats, napkins etc.
c) Kitchen linen - tier & swag, towels, napkins etc.
d) Bath accessories - towels, bathmats, bath robes etc.


Covers from casual to formal wear socks.

Technical Textiles


Covers special kinds of yarns produced from either 100% Cotton or from mix blend with man made fibres for technical usage. Details of such yarn can be provided upon request.


Covers all kinds of woven fabrics in particular produced from such special & technical yarns. Can also offer :
* fabrics with heavy weight like camping fabrics, industrial usage fabrics, commercials & institutional usage fabrics.
* Technical & uniform fabrics for Armed forces usage.

Non Textiles Items

* special hi-tech shoes for Armed forces.
* shoes from casual to formal range.
* sports goods & accessories

Contact person

  • Mr. KHALID ARSHAD (ceo)
  • +92 321 4455235 / 333 4248193


  • 324 Imperial Garden, Block I, St # 7, Paragon City, Barki Road,
    Lahore – 53200, Pakistan

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  • +92-42-37160433
  • +92-321-4455235
  • info@fablynx.com
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About Us

Fablynx an "eco friendly textiles" Marketing, Servicing & Sourcing Company, based in Lahore - Pakistan, specializing in extending professional & technical services.

Contact Us

  • Lahore – Pakistan
  • +92-42-37160433
  • +92-321-4455235
  • info@fablynx.com